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Short Stories For Children | Intelligent King

Intelligent King

A long time ago, in a remote country, it was the rule that people of this country used to change their kings every year. Anyone who became the king would sign a post that a year after his government was completed
A long time ago, in a remote country, it was the rule that people of this country used to change their kings every year. Anyone who became the king would sign a post that a year after his government completed his post will be handy over and it will be left on a remote island where it will never be able to return.
When a king over a year old government is completed, he will be left on a certain island, where he lives his remaining life. On this occasion, this king was dressed on the best and he was buried on elephant, and he would have been traveling farewell to the whole country, where he would call all the people last. They would be very sad and grieved moments, and then the people of there would leave the king forever on this island. Once people left their old King on the island that they saw a ship that was destroyed shortly ago, and a young man resorted to a wooden piece to save himself.
They were also looking for a new king, so they took this young man into his boat and brought his country and requested him to be a one-year-old. He did not listen to the young man first, but he was willing to become king for one year. People of this country considered the monarchy and method of this kingdom and also said that after one year, they were left behind on a specific island. On the third day of the Kingdom, the young king told his minister: “I should be shown where all the previous kings were sent.
Respecting the wishes of the king, he was arranged to show that island. The island was completely forest and was filled with wild animals. The sounds of these animals were listening to the outside of the island. The King went inside a jungle to review and there was a structure of his previous Kingdom kings.
He understood that he would have the same situation very soon and wild animals were torn to eat it.
By reaching the country, the King gathered a strong labor force in the body. He took them to the island and ordered the forest to be completely cleaned in a month.
All the dangerous animals should be killed and all the slums are cut off. He travels to the island himself every month and also performs his own work. In the first month, all the dangerous animals were killed and many trees were also cut off. The island was completely cleared for the second month. Now the king ordered the workers to build beautiful gardens in different places on the island. They have different pets like peppers with themselves. Cow. He also shifted to the island, lions, bulbs and flames.
In the third month, the king ordered the working workers to build a magnificent house and make a large port on this island. In the passing months, he was converting the island into a beautiful city.
The young king used to dress a very simple dress and spend very little on his own.
He earns much money from his kingdom, making the island. After passing ten months, the king told his minister: “I know that after two months I will be left in the island but I just want to go there.
Minister and other ministers did not agree with the king and said: “You have to be patient more so that the year is complete.” You will be left on this island after the completion of the year. ”
Finally, two months are completed and one year of the Kingdom will end.
According to custom tradition, the people there dressed their king with great clothes and set them on elephants so that they could say goodbye to their friend. The king was very happy about his farewell ceremony. People asked him. What is the reason for you to be so happy?
The young king answered. “You did not hear the words of the wise:” When you come into this world in case of a small child, you are crying and others are laughing at all. Live such a life that you are laughing and the rest of the world crying when you die. “I have spent such a life. At the time when all King Palace was lost in palace, I used to think about my future and prepared a career for him. I have now converted this island into a beautiful setting where I can now live with my whole life and a lot of chains. “

If you have any questions about this story, you can ask in the comment box. Or if you want to know about any other story that I have not yet told you can feel free to ask in the comment box.

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