Lack Of Employment Solution

Article Writing:

You can write an article online and offline if you know about the use to computer and laptop.Then you easily write an article.There are so many organizations and websites which are giving  that task and you earn money.There is no need of any experience for that job required and you easily that work do in home and any time you do that depend on you.There is no boss.

Online Book Writing:

If your hobby is book writing and you need job. There is a solution for you. You can write book online and publish it and earn money. There is no need of any boss and other requirement,  Just your book counted. There are so many websites which give you that opportunity. And that all you can do from your home easily.You just write and no problem for publishing.And online first 2 chapter you can offer free to read and on the other chapters you can sale with charging some amount. And on requirement of the people you can give them and earn money easily which depends on your book.

Online Marketing Work:

There are so many website who offer to you work with him online any time and with marketing online of there products. You can earn money easily. There is no manager you are the boss of your work and do work any time when you are free or when you want to work.

That are some solutions for the Unemployed people who are having experience but not having job.

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