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I Love My Teacher So Much | Story

I love my teacher so much

We all love teachers, of course. But I like it a little more. Why? Because my teacher is my father.
I’m going to Tenth grade now, but my dad was my teacher when I was a fresher.
I call my father “school teacher” in school. But at home I say “daddy”. Sometimes I am surprised, at school, my ”father ın at home, I say to teacher James; then I am laughing.
My father always says to me. Lucy, Dear daughter not at school but at home you are my daughter. That is the rule of teaching. He says to my friends in the class, “my daughter, my son.”
Actually, I was thinking, my father’s job is a little difficult. He’s teaching me things in school and at home.
I asked her that evening. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!”
In the classroom, “he said,“ you’re nothing but friends to me. I’m telling you all the same things. At home, you’re no different than brothers are I’m trying to make sure all children are good people. Not only me, but all the teachers and all the parents will strive for it. Because the future is your child in the teacher hands.
Then my father hugged me, he said; Im Look, my daughter, I would like to see how much you want to be successful in your life and the success of your friends and brothers.
The happier your success makes me, the more successful their success. The more I honor your good morals, the more honorable their good morals. James
I don’t know what honor means, but it’s my father who taught me that too. Honor; being valuable means respecting.
Then my father will be honored with me and with his students. I will pray for it. Because I am honored with my father.

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