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How to make Crispy Potato Chips?

How do you make potato chips that you are reading?


Now the dry potato chips made at home just like the market !
Who does not like potato chips, even if you do not want to eat or eat it after seeing it. You can eat it at any time with food, then with tea in snacks !
Now it is a potato season, so I thought why not make potato something different and special. So that’s why I came here today to make potato chips. Which you can keep dry and use it for years. Well, how many chips do we make from potatoes … potato curry, potato fries, potato bhujia, French fries, chips … Etc.. So let’s see how to make crispy chips of dried potato’s.


Large side potatoes: 1 KG 

Baking soda: 1/4 tbsp.

Salt: 1 tbsp.

Oil: For frying Recipe

Like and learn new ways to cook food.

1. First, peel the potato and cut it from the food processor or chips cutter.

2. Then take water in a large bowl and put baking soda in it and mix it, then put potato chips in it. And leave it for 5 minutes. (By adding baking soda, the chips are lighted out).
3. Then take another bowl in water and filter the potatoes and put it in another bowl and filter the chips.
4. Now, heat the water in a vessel and then add the chips to it and add some salt to it and boil it half. (Use a little more water here, so that the chips come well in the water.

5. Put some oil in the plate and mix well and then spread the chips on it.

6. It will dry. Dry for at least the day, dry on the first day and turn it in the evening and on the second day it will be well prepared.
7. After that, we will heat the oil in the frying pan and filter the chips on medium heat.
(The oil should not be too hot or the chips will burn). 

8. And our potato crispy chips are ready, and if you want to eat it, it can eat a little more salt and lentil gourd or eat it without salt and mashed potatoes.

If you want, you can also make this recipe immediately created by reading how to make potato chips?
Our hot chips are ready here. Let it cool down and keep the air container well. And you can eat it for 2-3 weeks.
I believe that you would have liked the recipes of these potato chips. If you have any questions about this recipe, you can ask in the comment box. Or if you want to know about any other recipes that I have not yet told you can feel free to ask in the comment box.

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