Business Information from Pakistan

Business news Pakistan is rapidly becoming an important means of exchange of information for businessmen and other businessmen. Pakistan’s media, both private and corporate have a strong section devoted to business-related news. Its PPP (Province Provinces Economic News) covers reports on business. In disseminating news about business in various forms, the government also takes part. It has enabled both local businesses as well as the public to gain a better understanding of the industry happening in their cities or provinces.


Pakistan’s economy is heavily dependent on international markets. Global economic events have significant influence on Pakistan’s business sector. Business news is a concise account of these global events providing readers with an insight into the latest economic news in various areas of the business. In turn, it helps businesses in Pakistan and people all over the world to learn more about what is happening in the world of business. Through regular access to this kind of news, entrepreneurs will also be updated on the most recent business and financial news that are happening across the globe.


Dawn-Tribune is one of the best mediums of business-related news in Pakistan. It covers all the aspects of the business world in Pakistan, especially oil, banking, and natural gas, textiles, tourism and many more industries. Dawn Tribune Dawn Tribune website was established in 1994. The website is today a leading daily newspaper within Pakistan and has been awarded many awards including the Best Online Business Paper, Pakistan Financial Express, Pakistan Bilat Leader, Pakistan State Business News as well as Business Portal. Dawn-Tribune consistently ranks in top ten newspapers worldwide as per various research surveys.

The Urdu Asian Human Rights Journal is another popular business news site. The journal is written using Urdu as Asia’s strongest and largest spoken language. The magazine is published monthly and can be downloaded free of cost. It is a great source of news of Pakistan and India in this magazine. It regularly features an article about the BPO industry in Pakistan. It is also prominent in creating a space for non-traditional journalism as well as stories.

Economic news from Pakistan

Economic News Pakistan Famous business news website that offers the latest news in business of Pakistan as well as the rest of the world. The Economic Division of General Printing Office brings you the ECPJ. It’s available in Urdu. It covers economic and business news that come from Pakistan and the rest of the region. Every month, the Business Point offers the latest information on business from Pakistan and other countries.

Bullion Rates

Bullion Rates is another renowned business news website , which delivers all the latest news and information about business in Pakistan and across the region. Bullion Rates provides a selection of information to traders and investors from abroad to comprehend the current rate of bullion and the investment options available in the market. This guide provides trustworthy facts about new shares in addition to indexes, investments and options. The information also aids foreign and domestic investors make smart business choices.

FX News

The FX News segment of Business News Pakistan brings the best news on the forex market. It’s the top news site in Pakistan, bringing you the best business news around the world. It offers the most up-to-date foreign currency rates and information on various happenings in the world of international exchange rates. Online FX is another name for it.

The FX Markets is an online news portal which gives news, research and ideas for trading on various topics related to financial markets. This digital magazine contains trading information from different brokerage houses, investment banks and financial institutions. There are also comments, news articles, market information, market analyses and market reviews. Additionally, it offers daily trading updates from various brokers.

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