A stale headache about Anti-Corruption, and Spot-Fixing

The Pakistan cricket team, referred to under the nicknames of the Shaheens, Green Shirts, Men in Green and Cornered Tigers is run by the Pakistan Cricket Board. The team is the only one that has never ever had an international player sign in to be a part of their team. Pakistan has proven to be a efficient international team that regularly qualify for the knockout stage of the World Cup. The current team coach is Assistant head coach Matthew Hayden. Pakistan cricket news will bring you the latest information about what’s happening with the team.

Recently, there were numerous instances of spot-fixing within the Pakistan the cricket squad. According to some reports the fake COCA membership cards were utilized by some to influence players and officials of the team. These fraudulent COCA membership cards can be purchased easily for anywhere from 50 and 200 dollars each. Anyone with enough money can purchase fake COCA membership cards to participate playing cricket. Here are a few things that will be covered in this report.

Spot-fixing spots in Pakistan is nothing new. Spot-fixing was first discovered by Safar Karim anchor a Pakistan cricket player, got caught fixing in a game. The following match, people began to demand for a probe into what happened. Officials responded by insisting there were only three games at the time so it wasn’t possible to adequately examine. In the end, the Pakistan Cricket Board ordered an investigation of all games for spot-fixing to see if it was involved. They concluded that they were not.

The victory, however, was not well-liked. They didn’t want any other cricket team to be involved in this situation. To ensure that this doesn’t happen once more, the present PCB chairperson Shashank Manohar has ordered an investigation to investigate the situation. While investigations continue, the captaincy of both teams is suspended. Each player must be unavailable while the investigation is concluded. Officials have to fulfill their duties without disrupting the game schedule.

The result was the PCB having to call off their entire season sooner than originally planned. 24 hours later, the news stated that the entire cricket team was banned and that the whole match was cancelled. According to the reports, only three players who were involved with spot-fixing have been caught and banned. Shashank Manohar claimed that the players were “staggering” in a statement and pledged that he would do all that was in his control to get them banned.

The three players were disqualified from playing in the test matches. This is not indefinite and the culprits might still be found. The entire matter is at an early stage and this is not an easy decision for Shashank Manohar as well as the PCB. Manohar can request an inquiry at this point or even impose a new kind of sanction. Players were given cautions and required to report to the PCB. Anyone accused of spot-fixing will be immediately dismissed off the squad.

Any player accused of taking cash, or other forms of bribes will be expelled from the nation for the duration of his entire life. Asif Alidas Sarfraz Ahmed, as well as Azhar Ali are all being investigated and sent to prison. PCB is currently investigating some of the players personal lives. This is a huge embarrassment. In the moment, the entire team , as well as management, are in the middle of an investigation, and the world of cricket is watching the result.

In this current situation there is a need that fans and spectators take advantage of all the latest cricket news. One way of doing this is via online websites and websites. Indeed, several websites dedicate themselves to cricket news and carry all details about ongoing research and matches. Cricket is certainly a thrilling sport that is enjoyed by many watching it and reading about it.

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