Best Sports in Pakistan

Best Sports in Pakistan is an important part of Pakistani culture. Cricket is by far the most popular sports in Pakistan, with field hockey, tennis, and polo also popular. Traditional sports such as kabaddi, polo and other popular outdoor games have been played for centuries. However, cricket has made great waves in Pakistan as well as among the people of the world. Today, it is one of the top games and most watched sports on television.


Cricket is a popular sport not only in Pakistan but in the entire world. In fact, it has become a part of the lifestyle of many people. Schools, colleges and even private schools and institutions offer classes on cricket. As a result, there are hundreds of teams and leagues all over the country. Even professional playing fields are developed and maintained for the sole purpose of playing a game of cricket.


Squash is another one of the popular sports in Pakistan. It is played in numerous different countries of the world but Squash is especially played in Pakistan and in Asia. As a result, there are various professional squash players who reside and play professionally in Pakistan and in Asia. A main article related to squash will give you an insight into this interesting and colorful sport.

Although many people in the west and other parts of the world think that squash and sports in Pakistan are all about a game of bat and ball, nothing could be further from the truth. Today, squash is much more than just a game of bat and ball. There are numerous international tournaments held in Pakistan and around the world. Most of these tournaments are held during the summer months, which make the weather in Pakistan very hot and humid. Squash matches in Pakistan are played in the month of Ramadan, which makes the atmosphere even more interesting and lively.

Squash is one of the only Olympic games that is played on Earth. Although squash has always been around for centuries, it wasn’t until after the First World War that any international games were held. However, with the Second World War is raging, the need for international competitions and events grew in popularity. Today squash has become an incredibly popular sport. A main article related to sports in Pakistan will give you an insight into some of the top squash players and the reasons behind their success.

According to a main article from the Pakistani newspaper, The Times of India, Ghulam Ali Jamshekhar has been once again becoming one of the all-time greats. This article also indicates that due to his hard work and the help of various international level squash players like Anwar Masood and Sarafina, Jamshekhar is now considered the best male squash player in the country. A main article from the Times of India indicates that Pakistan’s government is also very supportive of sports in Pakistan. They have invested millions of dollars into various sports programs and clinics.

Besides squash, cricket has also become very popular in Pakistan. According to a main article from The Associated Press, Australia has expressed interest in hosting a Twenty20 international tournament in Pakistan. Cricket has also grown in popularity in Asia, particularly in China, Malaysia and Singapore, according to a main article from the same organization.

Finally, Pakistan’s women have taken the sport by storm. The main article from The Express News indicates that since 2021, more than three hundred female cricketers have joined the national league. Women’s cricket has grown in Pakistan so much that several women have even become popular among fans in the region. Pakistan’s women are definitely going to be a force to reckon with in the near future.

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