A Clear Vegetable Soup Hot and Spicy Slow Cooker Cooked Meal That You Will Be Proud Of

You can create your own personalised Mixed Vegetable Soup to enjoy at home or give as a gift. This recipe comes in so many varieties that there are sure to be many varieties you will enjoy having. There are many ways to incorporate vegetables into the soup making this a very versatile meal. The most important thing to remember when creating this soup is to not use heavy cream base soups and instead opt for a light and healthy options. Heavy cream base soups are full of calories and fat, making them an unhealthy choice. If you are serious about losing weight then you need to avoid these types of soups.

Mixed Vegetable Soup

So what type of vegetables should you include in your new version of Mixed Vegetable Soup? Start with the French Beans and continue to add vegetables like carrots, zucchini and peas as they fit into the diet plan. A popular addition to this soup recipe is to add tomatoes, red pepper flakes and oregano. You may also want to consider adding herbs like thyme, Rosemary and basil to increase the overall flavor.

If you are having trouble deciding how to add the vegetables to your mix veg soup recipes then you can take a look at the video to help you along. In the video I show the exact step by step process I go through when preparing this delicious soup. I have also included my recipe for the French bean meal which can be found at the bottom of this article. The main difference in the French bean meal recipe that I used is the ingredients that are used.

In the video I use skim milk and not whole milk because it was hard to find. It also helps the soup cook faster. If you do not have skim milk then substitute with reduced fat yogurt. You should also take note that the French bean recipe I used is thick so if you are using a regular pasta sauce you may want to thin it down. You can do this by adding skim milk or reduced fat milk instead of whole milk.

My final tip for adding flavor to your mixed vegetable soup recipe is to throw in some fresh herbs like basil, parsley, mint and oregano. These herbs add a nice touch to any soup. By using fresh herbs you are creating a healthier meal as well as saving money since fresh herbs are always cheaper than dried ones. The good news is that there is a way to cook all of these items in the same pan and using a slow cooker.

When cooking soup in a pan on medium heat it is always wise to use some sort of oil to prevent burning. If you are using a cast iron pot then use a little oil, just a couple of drops of olive oil will go a long way. Once your pot gets hot, then put in your ingredients and gently swirl so that the mixture cooks evenly. If it burns then just remove from heat and add a few drops of liquid smoke or lemon juice to the mix.

Another great thing to use along with your fresh herbs is a nice piece of cheese. I love using a sharp cheddar with a bit of pepper added to it. Then I just love, to top off my fresh vegetables with a healthy sprinkle of crumbled bacon. Now you will have a clear vegetable soup that you can be proud of. For best results add a little extra seasoning to the mixture at this point like bay leaves and/or a little garlic.

Your ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and then placed in the slow cooker. Cover and set the timer for approximately three hours. When you first open the lid of the cooker, you will notice that it is a little hot, but do not get too close to burning. This is why you want to stir well in order to avoid burning.

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